Our mission

Improving the business community, promoting exports and investments, supporting small and medium entrepreneurship in the country, ultimately ensuring economic growth.

Our vision

To have a cohesive business community with the prospect of sustainable economic growth.

Protection of business interests

  • Continuous protection of business interests in relevant bodies
  • Strengthening cooperation with policy makers
  • Raising awareness of the business community about government initiatives
  • Promotion of business ethics and anti-corruption measures

Internationalization of SMEs

  • Identifying new cooperation opportunities with international organizations
  • Development of the Institute of Foreign Representatives involvement in a number of international programs
  • Organization of business conferences
  • Support for local businessmen to participate in international exhibitions and fairs
  • Possibility to provide ATA Carnet certificates

Capacity building of regional chambers

  • Organization of periodic meetings between regional chambers
  • Development of marketing strategy for each regional chamber
  • Engaging local and international professionals for capacity building
  • Provision of appropriate tools for increasing the efficiency of services
  • Consulting services

Digitization of services

  • Create a new CRM system
  • Create a new website that will be more functional and modern
  • Activate the Chamber's social media pages
  • Digitize the process of obtaining certificates of origin
  • Encourage online exhibitions and trade fairs
  • Encourage business presence on leading e-commerce platforms

Development of VET system

  • Organization of professional orientation courses through the involvement of highly qualified persons
  • Organizing meetings between successful businessmen and students
  • Organization of courses for future entrepreneurs