How to become a member of CCI

For joining the chamber, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs apply to the relevant regional chamber by submitting an application and a copy of the state registry certificate. The issue of membership in the chamber is decided by the presidency of the relevant regional chamber in accordance with the requirements of the Law and Statute of RA on Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Below mentioned are the rights and responsibilities of Chamber of Commerce and Industry members:

  • Members have the right to elect and be elected to the House's governing bodies
  • To submit recommendations for the discussion of the governing bodies regarding the activities of the Chamber
  • To use the services provided by the Chamber on preferential terms or free of charge, as defined by the Charter of the Chamber
  • To exercise other rights reserved to them by the statutes of the chamber

Chamber members are obliged to:

  • To implement decisions related to the statutory issues of the Chamber adopted by the governing bodies of the Chamber
  • Pay membership fees and contribute to the implementation of the Chamber's statutory tasks
  • Perform other duties defined by the Charter of the Chamber