Reliable partner

In the field of current foreign economic activity, the issue of trustworthiness of the subjects towards each other is of great importance. Business entities operating in Armenia have the opportunity to receive the status of "Reliable Partner" if they meet certain criteria.The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an impartial body granting such a status in Armenia, which analyzes the necessary documents and provides information on the credibility of the given organization. In accordance with the RA Law on ''Chambers of Commerce and Industry", the RA Chamber of Commerce and Industry and regional PHCs carry out the process of maintaining the register of Trusted partners.The registry of reliable partners includes business entities operating in the Armenian market for no less than three years and carrying out their activities in accordance with the RA legislation, which are ready to provide open information about their financial and economic activities.

The procedure for being included in the register of reliable partners

Business entities wishing to be included in the register, whose separate divisions, representative offices, branches and territorial organizations are located in several regions of the Republic of Armenia, submit an application in the approved form to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Armenia. Acceptance of applications is carried out in RA or regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Attached to the application are submitted:

Attached to the application are submitted:

  • Payment receipt submitted for inclusion in the register
  • A copy of the charter
  • A copy of the decision of the general meeting of the founding participants or the decision on creation certified with the seal of the organization
  • A copy of the state registry certificate
  • Copy of passport and reference from the place of residence
  • Copies of licenses for types of activity
  • Accounting report for the previous four quarters: Form N1, N2, N3, N4, N5 (optional), balance sheet together with attached materials (certified by the tax authority)
  • Certificate of bank account opening on letterhead
  • Auditor's report, if an audit has been performed
  • Completed application about the business entity (to be completed electronically)

Addition:  copies must be completed by the governing body or certified with a stamp.The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the RA examines the submitted documents within 30 working days and if they meet the requirements, the business entity is included in the Register presents the changes in the documents and materials submitted during inclusion in the Registry (mainly regarding interim and annual accounting balances).In case of non-fulfilment of the given requirement by the business entity, a written notification is sent to it. If the business entity does not submit the above information within a month, it is removed from the register of ''Reliable partners''.