Protection of business interests

''Network for the protection of business interests '' is an informal  assosiation of organizations and vehicles, the purpose of which is to unitedly  contribute to the  improvements of siocial - economy and benefits  and the develepment of private enterpreneurship  in Armenia, ensuring  the involvement and the participation of  the business comunity and the civil  society in the rocess of public policy developmemt , implementaion , control and development . 

The  purpose of the network is to make the voice of the business comunity  available to state  officiaols , to act as a strong structure  to more effecrtevely  implement the deep  and medium business  sector's protetion of  interss  of beneficiaries.  In order to increase  the efficentivness of the network aimed  at determining the intititutianal frameworks forthe protection of the netework's  interests , the role of the netework , and the mission. General working conditions  and directions of the netework were developed. In particular , the netework focuses on attracting new members for the regions, giving them chance to rise the issues of the local business comunity .