The highest governing body of CCI of RA is its Congress, which is held once every 5 years and approves the Chamber Charter, elects its President and Presidium for 5 years term. 

The Presidium is the managing body of CCI of RA during the time frame between Congresses. Apart from those elected by the Congress, Yerevan Chamber and Regional Chamber presidents along with the Executive Director of CCI of RA are considered to be Presidium members. The Presidium sessions are held at least once a quarter. The Presidium decisions are compulsory to follow by the Regional Chambers.

Upon contravention of Legislative requirements or default by the Regional CCI president or Presidium may decide on expressing non-confidence to the given CCI president or the Presidium. Upon performing distrust to the President or Presidium, special session of the Regional Chamber is convened to proceed with the elections of the given President and the Presidium.

The President of CCI of RA is responsible for the general management of the Chamber system, represents the Chamber in the country and abroad, as well as signs contracts and agreements on behalf of the Chamber. He is also the Chairman of the Presidium.

Executive Director of CCI of RA conducts the current activities of the Chamber, organizes the implementation of Chamber Presidium decisions and executes assignments by the President, introduces action plan projects to Chamber Presidium verification and reports on the implemented projects.