The session of the presidency of CCI of RA


On January 12, the first session of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Armenia was held in the present and remote unified mode. The subject of the discussion was the summary of what has been done and fixing the priority issues for the current year.

Martin Sargsyan, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RA, referring to the multifaceted challenges of 2023, emphasized that the main tasks of the Chamber in the near future are related to the stabilization of the situation in the economic sphere, supporting the concerns of the Artsakh Armenians as much as possible, supporting exports and current business problems.

Among other issues, Mr. Sargsyan specifically mentioned: "Today, science has become the most important factor in developing the economy and in particular business, expanding the geography of exports, creating new markets abroad and strengthening the country, which is the truest way to open new paths for our businessmen. Today science solves all problems. An important note on that topic: many people write that the main factors of strengthening the country are the army, education and health care: soldiers, teachers, doctors. I think that for the sake of the moral image and reputation of the Armenian businessman as a protector of the country, creator of good and charity, business should be added, but science should be placed at the very beginning. It is natural that without the development of science, none of these fields can fully take place, therefore it is necessary to prioritize and properly publicize the factor of science in line with the times. Let's not forget that the Archimedean fulcrum of development is science..."

As the main issue on the agenda, Andranik Aleksanyan, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RA, presented the achievements of the past year in detail, while emphasizing the priorities of the current year arising from the situation.

Vladimir Amiryan, the operational director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RA clarified the procedure for issuing "ATA Carnet" temporary import certificates, justifying the preferred option for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RA.