The regular session of the Chember of Commerce and Industry of RA


On May 26, the regular session of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RA presidency was held with a multi-topic agenda.

At the beginning of the session, the President of the Chamber, Martin Sargsyan, suggested a minute of silence to honor the memory of Rubik Sargsyan, the president of the Aragatsotn Regional Chamber, a highly-earned scientist and a wonderful friend, who has an indelible contribution to the establishment and development of the system.

Then Mr. Sargsyan presented a number of agenda items, some of which were prioritized in the agenda. He particularly emphasized the activation and integration of the activities of the regional chambers, as regards the issues on the agenda of the session.

As such an important factor, Andranik Aleksanyan, executive director of the RA Chember of Commerce and Industry of the RA, specified the use of the international ''Ata carnet'' system for the temporary import of goods, which will provide an opportunity to avoid customs problems during the organization of exhibitions.Due to this, the businessman can temporarily export any amount of goods without customs arbitrariness to the country of his choice, on the condition that it will be returned to the previous address in the same way. In case of violations, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will bear the responsibility.Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a reliable partnership while cooperating with insurance companies. It was noted that the temporary export applies to all countries, the chamber will inform all its members about the details.

Mr. Aleksanyan also informed that within the framework of the Generalized System of Privileges, the GSP+ program Armenia-USA, the American side has planned to grant export privileges to Armenian businessmen for about 3500 names of products under certain conditions. In the near future, there will be necessary clarifications and adjustment of details, there will also be an opportunity to use leasing in the field of the latest technologies.

The executive director of the chamber also presented the benefits of using the electronic platform, which will contribute to the integration of regional chambers in particular. Artak Yeghiazaryan, the website's founder, gave important details about that issue. All the necessary functions are included in the website, the products will be registered, and all the technical conditions are there to fully demonstrate this. It has an important advantage: a businessman can deal directly with a potential partner and solve problems promptly. An important circumstance was also mentioned: the product page should have the logo of the Chember of Commerce and Industry of RA  , so that the businessman knows that the given businessman is a reliable partner. The President of the Chember of Commerce and Industry of the RA  added that this platform can also serve Diaspora businessmen, increasing business connections and geography.

Vladimir Amiryan, operational director of the Chember of Commerce and Industry of RA, summarized the European programs, expressing satisfaction with the successful monitoring cooperation, especially in the food and textile sector. The Chamber has successfully cooperated with many business-related associations.

At the end of the session, Martin Sargsyan, the President of the RA Chamber of Commerce and Industry, particularly emphasized the promotion of the activities of regional chambers and the development of intra-regional economic ties.