Armenian-Russian Economic Relations

Armenian-Russian Economic Relations

President of RA Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Member of RA National Assembly Mr. Martin Sargsyan and Head of “Rossotrudnichestvo” agency of the Russian Federation Mr. Mark Kalinin signed new Agreement of Cooperation on May 16 in the frame of new legal economic relations and requirements of the Republic of Armenia concerning to becoming a member of Customs Union.

The cooperation concerns to inter-state traditional relations of the two countries, development of scientific-technical and inter-regional cooperation. The meeting is aimed at jointly finding and developing additional ways and variants of cooperation fitting to newly formed requirements for more effective partnership.

As one of the first steps President of RA Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Martin Sargsyan pointed out the creation of information portal which is one of the important guarantees for getting closer and increasing mutual trust.

The Agreement commits the two parties to be obliged to support the promotion of more favorable business climate reinforcing the creation of new links and implementation of joint projects for enlarging foreign economic relations.

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