EU: “East Invest 2”

EU: “East Invest 2”

On June 28-30 SME Academy was held in the RA CCI that was funded by the EU in the frameworks of East Invest 2. The following areas were included in the seminars:

  • Export of local products to the EU market
  • Activation of the EU trade relations
  • Marketing
  • Participation in exhibitions
  • Technical standards

The President of the RA CCI Mr. Martin Sargsyan welcomed the guests and highly assessed the importance of such seminars and their value for the businessmen. He pointed that these kinds of workshops are “alive textbooks” for the businessmen. Mr. Sargsyan also noted that in Armenia SMEs are mainly in need of support, and the seminar is aimed at it. Further, the President assured that RA CCI is always ready to assist to such projects organized by the EU.

The First Deputy Minister of Economy Garegin Melkonyan noted that support for SMEs is one of the primary concerns for the Government of RA, which is among the essential aspects of the economic strategy.

The training was lead by five experts from the EU countries. The objectives of the seminar were to assist SMEs in agricultural food processing, entering the EU market, cooperation with the EU businesses as well as training for local entrepreneurs. The training helped entrepreneurs to acquire knowledge, raise awareness and get some answers on various issues related to EU exports.

At the end of the seminar, the participants were awarded participation certificates.

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