Happy Birthday

March 3 is the birthday of Martin Sargsyan, President of RA Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

RA Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established by his active efforts, which became the house, guide and supporter of businessman. Mr. Martin Sargsyan performs fruitful work both in Armenia and abroad to introduce the Armenian businessman with dignity, seek new markets, establishing joint business linkages and projects and to increase the popularity of the Armenian business. All Armenian international traditional “Panarmenian Expo” came into being by his initiation and consistence which became economic, cultural and spiritual bridge connecting Armenia and Diaspora.
In particular, Mr. Martin Sargsyan surrounded the vulnerable needy people with care and affection, especially the families of killed and wounded soldiers, supported them, that even years later he is still remembered by exceptional warmth and gratitude for his philanthropy.

We warmly congratulate Mr. Martin Sargsyan’s birthday, let his live decades be full of sunshine…