Armenian-Indian Relations

On July 28, the Executive Director of CCI of RA Andranik Aleqsanyan, and the Head of Staff Araik Vardanyan hosted India’s Deputy Ambassador to Armenia Prashant Kumar Das


Center for International Private Enterprise representatives’ visit

On July 24-26, representatives from Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) had their regular visit to Armenia to discuss the launch of the project “Strengthening Pro-Reform Dialogue” phase 2


“Business Advocacy Network”  

“Business Advocacy Network” is a non-official union of organizations and individuals, which aims at promoting social-economic reforms and developing private entrepreneurship in Armenia, ensuring the involvement and participation of business community and civil society in developing, implementing, regulating, and assessing public policy.
The network has a goal to make the voice of business community accessible to state bodies, act as a structure able to more effectively implement the interest protection of small and medium businesses and their stakeholders.
In order to increase the effectiveness of the network a seminar was organized for its members, aimed at identifying institutional frameworks of network protection, its role and mission. The general terms and directions of network operations had been developed. The network particularly focuses on involving new members from the regions, providing them an opportunity to raise the problems of local business community.



National Business Agenda (NBA)