The regular meeting of the Council of Heads of the CIS member countries

The regular meeting of the Council of Heads of the CIS member countries

On November 17, the 19th long-distance session of the Council of Heads of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the CIS member states took place by video, which was attended by the presidents of the chambers and other officials related to the issues under discussion.

After presenting the agenda and the program, the greeting words of the heads of the council were published, which was followed by the speeches of the heads of the chambers of the CIS member states.

At the beginning of his speech, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RA Martin Sargsyan presented the new situation created due to the epidemic and the steps to be taken by the chambers and the steps to overcome the existing challenges.

Mr. Sargsyan particularly emphasized “Taking the opportunity, I cordially congratulate the member states on the 30th anniversary of independence, wish our countries economic strengthening, achievements by world standards in various spheres, and most importantly, a peaceful sky. Unfortunately, in the last two years we have come to terms with long-term cooperation, but in all cases it is not fully effective. In this regard, we have decided to reconstruct our work from the previous positions, we have started to implement most of the measures with new gauges.

“Dear colleagues, I kindly invite you all to Armenia to participate in the most important event in late May or early June 2022, the” Armenia-Cooperation “Eurasian Business Forum, which will be held under the auspices of the CIS Chamber of Governors.” Mr. Sargsyan mentioned that the CCI of RA fully approves the presented agenda connected with the development of trade-economic-regional cooperation of the member states.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RA mentioned, – “Today our Chamber is more actively reorganized, implementing the programs of foreign economic activity both of individual companies and of the whole country. We consider it an urgent need to create cargo transportation corridors in response to international challenges in this area. Due to the implementation of these tasks, it is possible to set up trading houses both in the Member States and in third countries. They can become locomotives to solve the problems of global exports. We are implementing these tasks step by step with the Government. Our council can also become a key platform for such projects. We are ready to present the necessary information and to share our experience”. Mr. Sargsyan stated that the number of joint ventures is increasing year by year. Therefore, the issues of attracting regional investments and exchanging information are becoming more important. He expressed hope that in 2022 the planned programs of joint events will be implemented, including forums, business missions, exhibitions, which are the most effective tools of regional trade and economic cooperation of the CIS member states.

Various issues of the session program were discussed, which referred to the intensification of cooperation, mutual support and other issues. It was decided that the next session will take place in 2022 in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. The council will be chaired by the president of the Turkmen Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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